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Booking your Intro Flight

As Galway Flying Club is a private club, all Intro Flight holders are required to be in compliance with the Club’s rules, regulations and insurance requirements.   Being accepted through the Club’s membership process enables you to use your Intro Flight however, should you wish to continue Flight Training with the Club, standard levies and fees will apply.

The process you are required to adhere to is as follows:

  1. Down load a copy of the Club’s Application Form from the website and return this to the Club (for the attention of Marian) along with two passport sized photos signed on the reverse.
  2. Alternatively, you can call into the Clubhouse any Saturday or Sunday and complete an Application Form on site (don’t forget to bring your two passport photos with you!).
  3. You will then be contacted and a suitable time will be arranged to meet with two members of the Board of Directors for a short interview (this usually happens on Saturday afternoons or Sunday mornings).
  4. Once you’ve attended this interview, your application will be presented at the next Committee Meeting for approval.
  5. Once approved, Marian will contact you to arrange a suitable date for you to avail of your Intro Flight.
  6. We advise you to contact the Club on the morning of your Intro Flight for a weather check – the Club’s number is 091 755477 – please arrive at least 20 minutes before your allocated flight time.

Should you have any queries regarding this process please contact Marian on 087 638450.

What your Intro Flight entails!

On arrival you will meet your Instructor and be introduced to any other Club members present at the time.

Your Instructor will then:

  • Conduct a short pre-flight briefing explaining some of the basic principles of flight.
  • Conduct a pre-flight safety check of the aircraft (walk around).
  • As this is your first flying lesson, you will be in the left hand seat with your Instructor beside you.  Don’t worry, our aircraft have dual controls!  The Instructor will guide you through your first lesson but you can expect to fly the aircraft during the lesson.
  • The lesson will take approximately 30 minutes.
  • You will receive a short de-briefing after the flight.

After that, we invite you to join in the social aspect of the Club, have a cup of coffee/tea, share in the craic and enjoy chatting to any other members present and generally get a feel for our Club environs.  If your Intro Flight gives you a taste of wanting to achieve PPL (Private Pilot Licence) status, you have completed the application process and will only be required to pay the standard fees and levies to continue your flight training.